Rotating Living Space!


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umm i know this is weird but i have a 2-4 month old Veiled Chameleon named blue well anyway i have him in a 16x16x24 glass terrarium and he's doing awesome the temp is just right humidity is perfect the chimney affect is in affect lol but all ive heard is you have to have vented you have to have vented har har har and now there saying glass deals are awesome but just before i read this thread on glass versus vent or whatever i had already ordered an 18x18x36 vented cage for him and i live on the gulf coast granted so believe me we have the humidity should i leave him in the glass till he gets bigger or go ahead and move him into the new vented mesh cage when it gets here march 1st or can i move him back and forth every other day maybe simulating different terrain if ya know what i mean
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