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Hey there every one:) I'm a new owner as of about two months ago! I have always been very interested in chameleons but tarantulas have been my thing for the last 15 years ;) I visit the local shows as often as I can looking for more tarantulas which proves very difficult here in oregon and always spend a good 20 minutes chatting with the Cham breeders, well this last show I finally caved and picked up a panther from epic chameleons he is a little over 5 months old now and becoming more beautiful every day! But I thought I'd share a couple pics ;) apologize in advance for the iPhone pics my phone is my everything at the moment since I don't have a computer...
3 months old...

Growing fast!

One of his free range perches.

Very upset that I found him lol!

I need to get some currant pics as he is greeting all kinds of red now... Sorry for the shady pics but I hope you all likes ;)


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Haha what's funny is he is so willing to climb on me and a couple other family members but if my sis is anywhere near him it's angry face until she leaves the room lol


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Haha he's always up for getting sprayed with warm water! He will almost always come from the other side of the cage and get in front of it and lean in to it lol
Ah yes spray me...

Wait.. Is that...

Yep definetly him!

I knew there was another cricket in here!

Well better go get him..

Lol he totally stalked it down to the bottom corner and nailed it lol!
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