Rocko's Second Video

....beautiful..(sniff/ tear eye)...haha

awsome vid....just wish it wasnt so much out of focus though..but the ones that were focused were awsome.....he sure is docile:D
Cool video and very cool cham! Who is the sire that he came from and how old is he? I love the contrasting colors on his face.
He was purchased from a pet store somewhere in the dallas area. I adopted him from another forum member almost a year ago. To the best of our knowledge we think he's a hybrid of sorts. The exact locals are everyone's guess. I like that attribute about him.
So is that Rocko that used to belong to Donna (draetish)? If so I did not recognize him at all.
Yeah it is! He has changed so much in the past few months. He was finishing up a shed when part of that video was taken. His bars have turned blue and now he occasionally displays yellows instead of his usual orange.
Wow it is good to see Rocko again. I almost took him from Donna. You have a really nice touch with him. It is easy to see he is more relaxed with you that with her. He must be a manly man. You are doing an excellent job with him.
i really liked this video. i liked the out of focus stuff even. fit with the mood, just happened to work.

the other video is amazing. do you use a 5d? i saw a glimpse in the mirror shot. what program do you use to edit the videos?

great job, great looking chameleon.
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