Rocco gave me mini heart attack

Mr Jingles

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Rocco nearly caused a mini heart attack just now. Over weekends I leave both their cages open and they can freely roam between their cages and their free range trees. They both love the bit of freedom. Come lights out time they go back to their cages and they always sleep on the same spot every night. So after lights out I checked the cages, Sky is where he is suppose to be, but Rocco is missing. Now they are the size of my thumb, I started looking all over. Check his tree, even with a flash light, he's not there, check his cage, he's not there. Check around his cage, nope, no chameleon. Moved my whole lounge, checked the curtains, checked the floor. For 40 mins I searched, then I started to take his cage apart, and there on a spot right in the corner underneath a leave is Rocco, smirking it seems, checking me out as he is probably thinking what is this stupid woman doing. What an evening :eek:
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