RIP pygmy chameleon.. help!


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I bought 3 pygmy chameleons at a reptile show in Orlando on the 15th. Two of them seem to be doing well but the smallest female always seemed weak and today when I checked on her she seemed exceptionally weak and could barely grip anything or keep her eyes open. I placed her on a branch and upon coming back soon after I found her dead..
Is there any particular reason this happened? I want to know what to avoid so my other chameleons can stay healthy!
I'm so sorry to hear you lost her. You should fill out the "how to get help" form in the forums heath section. Sorry for your loss :(
Chameleon Info:
Your Chameleon - Pygmy chameleon, female, very young. Has been in my care since January 15th.
Handling - Not often at all.
Feeding - dusted pinhead crickets once a day.
Supplements - Zoomed dusting sample
Watering - Manual misting frequently throughout the day.
Fecal Description - I have not noticed many feces since I got the chameleons. None have been tested to my knowledge.
History - Purchased at Repticon Orlando on January 15th

Cage Info:
Cage Type - 10 gallon glass aquarium
Lighting - 12 hours on/off UVB fluorescent. Exoterra
Temperature - Unmeasured. The cage stays relatively warm and humid as I live in florida and have a light on during the day.
Humidity - Unmeasured. I mist as much as I can throughout the day.
Plants - No, store bought replicas.
Placement - The cage is on a stand but it on the lower half so it is about a foot off the ground. It is not near vents or a very high traffic area.
Location - Florida

Current Problem - Noticable weakness since I bought her. I have tried to keep her well fed and her cage misted and appropriate for her but she never got any better. The other chameleons are doing very well but today she passed away. She could barely grasp anything this morning when I checked on her and also closed her eyes frequently. She was the smallest I had.
Temperature is very important to measure, especially with brevs. They do not like the warm temperatures of most reptiles people are used to. They don't do well if temps are over 80 degrees. Humidity is good to measure as well. Can you post of picture of your enclosure?

This care sheet has excellent care info on brevs.
Brevs must be kept in the low 70's for an ambient temp-even a flourescent light can sometimes heat up a 10 gallon tank decently. But-my guess is that you did nothing wrong. These are tiny fragile animals that are truly not built to live the longest of lives. And think about what they go through to get to a show and then to your house-they sometimes just don't make it.
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