Rhamph. acuminatus gender question.


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Hey guys,

I recently picked up a group of Rhampholeon acuminatus that were supposed to be a 2.2. I know that they gender differences aren't as apparent in these guys as other species of this genus, however I'm having a really hard time figuring out if I actually have two males and two females. I was wondering if anyone could look at these pictures and help me out on this one.

Number one

Number two

Number three

Number four (The one that never sits still)

Any help would be great!


Hm, mine females have had short tail, hint leg longer (stretched) like it.
You have there long tails. Unless you have another form (this is known by brevicaudatus) I will say 4 males. Btw, on 1,2,4 are hemipenises clearly visible.
Honestly that's what I was worried about. I was just hoping I was wrong and someone could tell me differently. I appreciate the reply though. I guess now I have to go find some females!
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