Reverse Osmosis water?


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As I prepare for the arrival of my daughter’s chameleon, I’m finding that every day new questions arise. I bought a MistKing and didn’t realize I was going to need to use RO or distilled water.

What do most keepers use?
Is one better than the other for use in a mister?
Since this will be an ongoing need, is it worthwhile to buy an RO system? If so, which one?
Also, is the one nozzle that the system comes with going to be enough? (The enclosure will be about 2’x3’x4’tall)

I have a bunch more questions, and I try to search before posting here, but I’m starting to feel a bit overwhelmed researching all the questions that aren’t covered in the basic care guides. I really do want to get this all setup and right before the little dragon arrives in a couple months.


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RO or distilled water are recommended because they don't contain minerals that will clog your misters or leave a build up in your cage and are the closest thing to the dew or rain water that they would drink in nature. With only one chameleon you may be able to get by buying water in bottles but for a multi cham house hold a RO system will payoff eventually.


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I chose an under sink RO system (just 5 gallon reservoir) because I've always had well water. Very hard and high in iron as well as tannins. The RO water was a lot easier on misting nozzles, pumps, ultrasonic humidifiers, and tubing. Less stuff deposited in the components meant less clogging, but also meant less cleaning. I also keep aviary birds who were sensitive to the iron. It made good sense for me. How much misting water you need to go through because of your climate makes a difference too. If you happen to have an aquarium supply or other retailer handy where you can buy bulk RO water economically it might not make as much sense. You'll just have to weigh the options.

Don't get overwhelmed by this decision. You could always decide to buy RO water for a while and switch later.
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