Retained clutch?


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My ambilobe just laid her 6 week retained clutch & I was just wondering about the certainty of them being fertile. The original clutch looks good so I'm thinking by what I've read that these should also be fertile. Has anyone had successes with a retained clutch ?


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The retained clutches have been fertile for me. maybe a couple didn't hatch but most hatched and were healthy.


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Just treat the eggs like they are fertile. If they aren't they will shrivel and mold in a week or two... its very likely that they are fertile. I have had a female lay up to 3 retained clutches form one mating...


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If you post a picture of the eggs we might be able to tell if the are fertile or not.
I didn't take pics & already situated them in the incubator. They look white & solid like the first batch, so I am just gonna leave them alone & check them for molding periodically.


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My last unexpected clutch started at 19 Only 5 turned out. another time I got 21 and 13 turned out.

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Ive had a female lay 4 clutches from a single mating session. The first three clutches all look to be fertile. The 4th clutch all but about 5 of the eggs are slugs. So def incubate that retained clutch.
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