Restless female veiled chameleon


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I got my female chameleon recently, when i got her she was shy and didn't walk around that much, then she just started moving and wasn't that shy anymore. But now she is started walking around bottom of the enclosure trying to climb up the glass walls in the day but when the evening comes she hangs around in the leaves. i started doing research on the "restless behavior" and turns out she wants to lay eggs (she is 8 months old and never been with a male). So is this "restless behavior" because of eggs or is something wrong with her (she looks healthy to me, bright green colours, tight grip and a nice looking body) ? And if she is ready to lay eggs then is outdoor dirt or sand ok?

Any answers would be appreciated :)
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Female chams will lay clutches of unfertilized eggs about every 90-120 days, so every 3ish months or so, once they're sexually mature. Just keep a laying bin at the bottom that's deep enough for your girl to do her thing. using the info in the blogs mentioned above to set it up is a great idea!
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Can you post a current picture of her?
She was a bit camera shy.
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