Restless chameleon

Might be too much light in the room during bed time. I know if i leave the hallway light on my cham will be up when i walk into the room if i forgot to shut the door.
Also if you're weather is hotter he may not be cool enough to sleep. A lot if reptile keepers having heat issues just now. One of my leopard geckos is scratching to get out every morning (when he's usually asleep!) so he can come cool down under the bed. Just a thought :)
I forgot turn my tv off so theres the light issue sorted and yes it's very hot in my room theres no escaping it :eek:
Scratching At the glass? That's what my Cham did until I moved to a bigger screened cage now she can climb the walls instead of trying to get out. I would highly recommend switching it to a screened cage. So if it is unbearably hot in your room at least your Cham is getting fresh air instead of being trapped inside a little sauna box. At least that is what I see them as since I switched my cage :) for the moment make sure it has good air flow and maybe a cool mist humidifier to cool your room down a little bit. Hope this helps :)
Try using a fan in your room if you can :) It makes all the difference to our scaly pals :) Be sure to give him plenty mistings too so he doesn't get dehydrated. The ehat here in Shetland has been unreal even though there's a distinct lack of sunshine! All my reptiles are feeling it!
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