Rest in Peace Walter


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Walter came to me 3yrs ago being a wc Quad he was approx 1yr when he arrived. Walter passed away today in my hands from unknown illness.
Rest in Peace little man you are with all your cham buddies now and will be greatly missed.

James I am so very sorry you lost Walter. He was such a pretty boy. When you love quads it is just so hard to be without one. To have both of your gone is awful RIP Walter.
Awe I am sorry for your loss. He was sure a handsome fellow and I am sure he lived out two wonderful years with you.
All the best wishes to you in your time of loss. If you replace him a little part of Walters soul will be with you in the new one.
So sorry for your loss. Walter was very handsome. No amount of time together would ever be enough. RIP little one. :(
James, I am so sorry to hear about Walter. He was a gorgeous boy and I know he will be very sadly missed. Having to loose these guys is devastating. They are such special animals and have a way of getting right into your heart.
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