Rest in Peace Gizmo


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Hello everyone,

It's been quite a while since I posted (or even visited) on this site. Life can be complicated at times. Once again, peace and tranquility have returned to me.... I have (however) lost a very dear little friend - my sweet little Ambanja named Gizmo. Three mornings ago, he developed a prolapsed clocoa (sp). I had my vet euthanize him the next day.

My vet also owns chameleons (veils) and was sooooo gentle with Gizmo. Gizmo passed peacefully wearing his calm colors. Healthy till that fateful day. I even gave him a last meal of crickets at the vets (which he consumed with gusto).

He was 7 years old. I miss him terribly.

Fortunately, I have been blessed with giving a 2 year old Ambanja male his forever home - now that he has been retired from his breeding program.

He will be joining me shortly - pics to come.

His name will be - Drogo
Toni I am so sorry that you lost your little buddy. My heart goes out to you. I know that Gizmo has a good life with you and that he will be sadly missed. I'm glad that you are getting a new little friend and can't wait to see pictures.
Thanks Jannb,

Soooo good to see that you are still here on this site.... The more "experienced" cham owners here the better for all of us.

Living here in Southern California weather allowed Gizmo to be outside on his "vacation retreat" plants almost every day of his life. I am certain this contributed to his good health and long life.

Can't wait for Drogo to fill the empty place in my heart.
Toni, I do not know you but am sorry you lost your buddy. I have been on the forum for a little over three years and do not remember your Gizmo. I do know that 7 years is quite awhile for a chameleon to live. It sounds like he had an awesome life with you. I am glad you picked up a new little friend to spoil. Again my condolences
Thank you Carol,

Yes, it has been QUITE A WHILE..... over 3 years since I visited the forum.... lots going on in my life, but everything has settle down quite nicely. I look forward to re-acquainting myself with everyone.

Thank you for your kind thoughts regarding Gizmo. It's never easy loosing something so beautiful and special as he was...:(
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