Reserved my first cham :)


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I was between Nosy Be and Ambilobe, and ended up reserving this Nosy Be from the Chameleon Company! His name will (probably) be Hobbes.


I think I'm going to have him shipped to arrive on Friday.

I'm really hoping all goes well, after what happened with the chameleon from Petsmart!

Also found a great local source to get my feeders from; there's a reptile store just down the road. I can walk to it! And the prices are great, with all sizes of crickets available.

I'm also about to order the Low Profile Aquazamp Rain Dome. I want to spoil this little guy.
I know the parts are compatible for both systems since they use the same tubing; any particular reason for recommending the Mist King? (aside from part options)
Marty who owns it is awesome any probs you have with it he will help. He gets back to you super fast, and will replace it if broke. :) he is on the forums
He's about 4 months old; email says about 18 weeks old.

I will definitely have a look into MistKing :) I hear good things about both systems, it's hard to pick one!
Yeah just trying to get people to realize how amazing they are... :) and yeah, Ikr
Most people over think O's because they think they aren't colorful.. Well they should think twice
It'll be nice when he's big and colorful ;)

I think if I went with a bigger chameleon, I'd go for Mellers. I love the green.
I think you make a wonderful choice, because he is lovely.

Also both mistking and aquazamp are sponsors on the forum and both have very good reliable systems.
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