Rescue set-up?


Hey, everyone. So....after considering all of your very helpful advice and thinking things through and considering our financial ability for vet visits and treatments and such, we have decided that if the pet store owner will release the chami to us, we will go ahead and bring him home and set up a vet appointment right away. I have two vet clinics I have called to make sure they do chami's--one in particular has quite a bit of experience with reptiles, so we are good there. And I already have all things separate (separate plants, lighting, temporary enclosure until his larger one would come in, etc) for him in a different room than the one in which Genesis presides. My husband is going to talk to the owner today as I have some reading for school to do among other things. I will let you all know what happens. I'm praying for a positive answer so I can bring that poor guy home and give him a proper set-up and care.

cham girl

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there are classifieds, animal shelter and other types of rescues that will have a (animal or reptile needing a home...YOU SOUND LIKE YOU WOULD GIVE ONE A GOOD HOME...AND MAYBE EVEN RESCUE THEM...don't give up
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