Reptisun 5.0 vs 10.0


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Just wondering if the 10.0 would be too harsh of a light. I think i would just feel better using a bulb with more to me it just seems right to go with the 10. Any reasons against this? It would be for a 3-4 month old panther.
I use the 10.0
Although I think I will try the 5.0 next time.
I have heard from more than one person that it is actually brighter.
Anyway...either is good as long as it is new and replaced on a regular basis.

I use both and I think that both have the same intensity(brightness)!! The only difference is that the 10.0 penetrates up to 20" and the 5.0 only goes up to 12" !! So it depends on the height of your enclosure!!
A 10.0 is not usually recommended for a baby mostly due to the smaller size of the enclosure and the baby's inability to escape such strong UVB rays. That being said, as long as your cham can get completely out of the rays if he or she needs to, I think that it would probably be okay. Heavily plant your cage to allow plenty of full shade areas for your cham to escape to.

What size is your enclosure?
Well, no cham yet...just finishing up some seemingly never-ending research so that the day can finally come! I am planning on building an 18"W X 36"L X 48"H enclosure of wood and screen...but would this be too large for a 3-4 month old panther?
Yep, way too big ;) try sectioning part of it off until your cham gets bigger. In such a large cage it will be hard for the baby to find feeders and it will be hard for you to be able to monitor how much he is eating, if he is pooping, if he is drinking. This size enclosure would be great for an adult though!
I really have absolutely no experience with reptariums. For my babies I use aluminum screened cages that measure 18 x 20 x 12 until they are 5 months old or so. I don't care for the dark mesh on the reptarium so i have never tried them out :)
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