Reptisafe and electrolize for their water ?

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i been using the reptisafe water treatment from zoomed since i had my chameleons ,now i got some exo terra electrolize ,question is do i mix the reptisafe first then add the drops of electrolize to the water?

or do i just use the reptisafe alone and use the electrolize by itself also.
No their not sick ,one looks like she might be just a little dehydrated cause their was a few warm dry nights. her eyes have some wrinkles.
the water is always treated with zoomed reptisafe because i use tap water.
the question is can i add electrolize to the reptisafe treated water?
I use Reptisafe in my water. I only use electrolytes if any of my chameleons are not well. I do not add it to their water but I give it directly to their mouth using a dripper.
the Electrolize is basically the same as pedialyte. You can buy generic pedialyte, just remember that once opend it needs to be in fridge and only lasts 48 hours so buy small, or better yet, make your own - But as Will said only if he is dehydrated and needs it.

homemade pedialyte
so what your saying is exo-terra electrolize is like pedialyte.
my question is can i mix the electrolize with reptisafe?
And our question is... Why do you want to? There is no reason to give extra electrolytes to a chameleon, because it is possible to have TOO MUCH electrolytes.
this electrolize says it maintains proper electrolytes and hydration.
which is why i want to know if you can mix it with reptisafe because reptisafe kills toxins in the water plus has electrolytes.
the exo-terra electrolize is just electrolytes.
this is the electrolize formula not the electrolize with d3.
i am considering using 1/4 the recommended dose with reptisafe to keep them healthy.
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