ReptileHaven...Good service or bad???


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So i got a new chameleon cage for X-mas from my aunt and uncle. Now they said they orderd it a few days before like Wed or thur, and got a confirmation from Pay-Pal saying it had been paid for.Now i got nothing from the site to track the package like a tracking number or anything,So i called and they said they dont deal with the online purchases and that i would have to email this person at whatever it was so i did.I havent got a response from anyone.
Now if they shipped it ground it should take about a week from CA to PA
(i know because i work in a shipping dept) so it should be here by tommorow.

Has anyone had any problems ording through them????

Yeh i got their new cage that comes with the stand..looks nice..right now my cham is in a homade cage ..wich is nice but ...i cant wait to get this one in
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