Reptile worms in poop, and what looks like an egg!


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Hey I just needed help with what one of my females has left in the bottom of her cage. Her name is Lola and she is a year and a half, and eight months ago she mated with my male. I have heard of the females storing the sperm and I think this is what happened because of signs she is showing. But I’ve never seen anything like this. Can someone help identify what is wrong?



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Was anything moving? In my experience with lots of other pets, parasites would be much smaller than that and they would still be alive and moving. Parasites need to be alive after their trip through the GI in order to be successful so I doubt that's whats going on.
As mentioned the urates do look orange which might indicate dehydration, try ordering some hornworms from Josh's Frogs (or wherever), they come shipped in a container that doubles as their enclosure and all the food they need already in there.


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Undigested food matter it looks like. They have very short digestive tract. Sometimes if they are too cold or eat too much, they will not be able to fully get everything digested.
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