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Other than shipping cost, are prices about the same for chams from breeders vs. shows? I had entertained the idea of a panther instead of a veil but :eek: I was not prepared for the difference in price when looking at breeder pages.

Please! :D Know that I am in no way making any kind of judgement. I used to be in the cat fancy and I am well aware of show vs. pet vs. breeder quality, holdbacks and the costs of breeding etc. I am only wondering if the prices might be lower. I can wait and see for myself of course since I have no idea who will be there. It's just curiousity while idling here in front of the computer waiting for Saturday to come in beautiful :rolleyes: snowy Wisconsin where in April I should be out in my gardens not posting idle questions here! :eek: Sorry venting.

I would say it depends because some people really over price things and some have it the the same as breeders online.
From what I've seen, they seem to mark them up at the show. I guess it really depends. We did 6 months of research before purchasing our guy. I would also be very careful if you do purchase one from a show because sometimes they get in the wrong hands and aren't taken care of. I personally would find a reputable breeder so you are sure you are getting a nice healthy Cham. Best of luck on your decision :)
When I went to my first show I didn't buy any herps, but I did buy an enclosure and supplies. For every thing I bought I would bargain the price down. Saved over a hundred buckaroos.
I find that it can vary, but sometimes you can find panther chameleons for less at shows. Not perhaps by a lot, but it might be a $50 difference (instead of $250, $200) but it's something.
Yup i agree with olimpia ...and some stand won't charge you any taxes either...and if you find the right breeder they will knock off like 5 or 10 might not sound like a lot but its something ...the extra money you save you can put towards some feeders for you're new cham...:D
If you are really into a panther, you can check the classifieds here and/or sponsored. I've seen panther's range from $250-900 depending on the sub-genre, age, ect. The younger the cheaper, due to health problems arising more when younger, ect.
You can also try to haggle a bit and see what happens. Sometimes they will go down on the price on the last day in the final hours so that they dont have to bring as many home with them. But by that time there is a smaller selection to choose from and the babies from a particular line you want may be sold out. It also depends on who you are willing to buy from. The more well known breeders will usually have higher prices and possibly be less likely to bring down the price. The lesser known breeders and the hobby breeders might have lower priced animals and be more willing to haggle in general because they cannot command the same prices/sell them as quickly/easily. Plus the less colorful and smaller chameleons might sell for less. Also, if you contact them before the show and ask about a lower price they might do that. Also mention you are on chameleonforums. I've found that some breeders (especially ones that come on here) will give a small discount if they know you use the forums and will use it as a resource. I think its because the forum is such a good source for info and you will be more likely to give the animal a good home and good care.
i’ll be honest and say that i typically would mark up higher at shows, but it’s not because i’m trying to make an extra buck. rather, it’s paying for the overhead of the weekend (my last Repticon/hotel/travel/misc. costs were over $700), plus the 22 hours of setting up/sitting there/breaking it all down (nevermind driving home and then really breaking everything down). granted i came out ahead my last show and had a blast doing it, but it’s a LOT of work, stress on chams, and stress on me!! additionally i gave discounts to all CF members that i met, just can’t help it.

one advantage to the buyer is that they get to choose their chameleon(s) face-to-face which is always wonderful rather than relying on photos alone.

i’m currently debating whether to vend at the upcoming May show in Orlando (if a spot opens), but even their prices have increased a bit since my last show in january. as my business grows and the website goes live, doing shows will likely be more for social reasons than a financial gain. and it’s just such a bummer to see the best reptiles of them all (chams) having difficulty selling for a few hundred dollars when the $&#%# ball pythons et al. are moving for thousands and thousands of dollars with 5% the husbandry needs of a chameleon! at least i can pretend to ignore that when i’m just at home! ;)
Hi, I price my animals the same from my site to shows. Shows do have overhead cost to consider but i truly look at the cost more for marketing and socializing with others with the same passion.
Again thanks everyone. This is such an awesome place and I truly appreciate the time you all take to answer questions and give encouragement and support.
Our prices are the same online as they are at shows, sometimes we'll mark things down to a sale price that starts the weekend of the show. We also offer coupons etc on our website for people to use, and often you can save quite a bit by using the coupons on larger purchases, like for panther chameleons. :)

I knew a breeder that used to tell us the prices of the tables and all. I think he used to do pretty good, and used to get us in for the dealer price, and we'd get right in. His wife was with me when I got my cham the 7th. He did mostly snakes tho, his wife has/had all different types of reptiles and just got a chuckwala at the Hatfield show that I got my cham at. I am more than likely going to the Hamburg show this weekend and am going to look around. I still remember the show in Feb that started the notion that I was going to finally get a cham after the beardie died...which litterally was later in the week. There was a beautiful, well I forget which local now, but panther cham that was friendly, came right to me when I walked up. It was as if it was ment to be, but still had my beardie and nothing for a cham, and I dug out my book on chams and read several since then.
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