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Just got back from the reptile expo today. Very exciting. I got to pic up a whole bunch of crickets, superworms, and silkworms. I also got two little screen cages for outdoor time. Did anyone else go to the show? I saw this one veiled that was in pretty rough shape. His eyes were really sunken in. I felt so bad for him. I ended up buying 100 silkworms and the food for them. So far they had a few each but they still seem to like superworms better than them. How much superworms do you guys usually feed a week, just curious. I also made that milk jug feeder from one of the websites. Really helped, they don't escape and the chameleons attack them everytime. What temperature do you have to keep the silkworms at. I keep them in my basement and right now it stays around 68F. They ate so many silks and supers when i got home, they must have been really bored of the crickets. Let me know if anyone attended the show. Thank you

Silkworms don't eat each other do they? They are in a plastic bin in a corning all on top of each other. is that ok?
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I didn't go to the show, but I live on the west coast.. :D

I feed around a dozen superworms to each of my adult and sub adult large species chameleons a week.

Silks prefer it a bit warmer than that. Like, 80-90. Although they won't eat each other, they will tangle themselves up in their silk and kill one another. You might want to seperate that glob.

Sounds like you had a good time.. nothing like a show to add some enthusiasm!

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