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is there something out there like a app or a free or low cost software to use to keep track of when you feed you reptiles and when you take them to the vet an to just take notes of there daily life?
Sorry if this doesn't really help if you're set on have an app or some kind of software, but I just use a physical calender I have on my wall ;). I use it too remind me of when to give my cham his vitamins and to keep track of how much he eats every day.
I've used COL Reminder (I'm on android) app for repeating reminders and keeping track of tasks. Now, I just put it on my phone calendar as a repeating meeting with a reminder, that ends up being easier on me since it is linked to my google calendar.

I included:

Cage cleaning - general
Cleaning specific cage items
Supplement schedules
Feeder cycles
UV bulb replacement
Watering certain plants
Misting feeder bins
Cleaning feeder bins
Feeding feeders
Expiration dates for supplements
Reminders when to order more feeders
And a long list of other things

Maybe a little overkill, but it helps me keep track of everything.

For tracking husbandry issues, temps, RH, eating, shedding, weight, etc, I'm embarrassed to say I do all that by hand in a notebook I keep next to the enclosure. Low maintenance method but not very slick tech-wise.
There is actually an ap just for reptiles. I cannot remember the name of it now for the life of me but send a PM to member Dr. O. He will remember what it's called, since he's the person who showed it to me. But you can upload a photo of your chameleon and keep track of everything.
Is it "Snakes on a Plane"?!? :)

I've seen a number of reptile/animal/pet/aquarium logging apps, but never found one I really liked or was easy enough to use. I'd be thrilled to try something new though!
My reptile logger...$2 Or you can get reptile scan for $25, fyi though, they are both on android and they both suck equally as hard.
this is what we going to try to do .. i cant say if this will work for us or even for you but it might help

first i join iherp - ( )

i added one of my reptile - ( ) make sure to fill out all infor and what not you want to know - if you go to Batch feed a animal you can keep track of when you freed it, clean it, give it water and so on .. if you go down to comments you can add whatever not listed on there site that you want to keep track of like misting and light change

i then want to - if you take the url from your reptile public page and copy it into the 2 tab (label url ) sometime it help to click another tab then re click url if it dont make the code ... after it make the code click open and then save the pic ... make sure you save it as what animal or name of that animal is lol

then print that out .. print it out a small size so that you phone will be able to scan it

on your phone download QR Droid, then scan the qr code you made for that reptile .. if you did it right it should load the website showing you your reptile public page .. it also show you on the public page all the tracking infor

place the QR scan on your tank,cage or where ever

note: remeber you scaning the QR with your phone so dont place each code really close beside another


this way may seen long and hard but it not to bad and it free!! if you want to do it easier i did fine this but it cost money :
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