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Hello everyone, I know I haven't been here to post due to parties, and funerals, and all sorts of stuff I had to go to these past couple of weeks, so thank you Kinyonga for doing a Reptile/Amphibian of the Week.

Now, this week's Reptile of the Week is...


The Glass-Snake Lizard!!! (I know this picture is a little bit blurry, but it is the best one I could find, so if somebody else can post a better picture, that would be great.)

The Glass-Snake Lizard is a limbless, somewhat snakelike species of lizard. Ear openings, eyelids, and many rows of belly scales proclaim it a true lizard. Their tails break off much more easily than most lizards. The very long tail of a Glass-Snake Lizard may break off when it is captured or roughly handled. The tail, of course, cannot rejoin the body, but a new tail will start to grow in its place. These lizards mainly feed on insects, and they can grow up to a length of 2 to 3 feet. Also, if a Glass-Snake Lizard is handled, it may bite, so beware.


Chameleon Queen
I had one once for a short time. It scared me more than a ten foot boa would have! They are so strong pushing against you as you hold them and they are fast moving! It's the only lizard I was really afraid of getting bit by. I worried about breaking its tail off too. I wish I'd had the courage to keep it.

This is the species I had for that short time...

This shows ou how fast they move!...
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You're welcome for me doing it for you. Sorry there were funerals but good that you could have some partying in these covid times.

Do you think you would like to try to handle a glass lizard?
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