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Hey guys quick question about Cham heating, tanks about set up for my first Cham, been testing the temps over last few days, got a 60Watt basking Bulb for heat, without thermostat, although i have got a dimming stat and a 100watt basking bulb, incase it gets really cold here in the UK!

anyway my house gets quite chilly in winter times, just wondering what type of material i could use to put on the sides of my XL reptibreeze, i would cover the sides and the back, leaving the front for access, ventilation etc, i've seen most people talking about Corex, any ideas if this is ideal for keeping in heat/humidity, was thinking of some sort of wood based product, but then thought it might get mouldy, when the water hit it, from misting etc. Might take a trip to B&Q see what i can find, any opinions or feedback greatly appreciated, as always.

Many thanks.

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Use garbage bags

There free and thin and easy to work with I cut them down and there like the exact size of the cage . Also you have to get some sort of drainage system I. The cage . Go to a home improvement store and look in the windows and doors second and look for a heavy duty storm screen used for your door during a storm I used that as a grate . It works amazing .


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Hi thanks for your reply, went out and found some corrugated plastic sheet type stuff, cut it to size, then used strong tape to make a box without the front, so it fits perfectly round my reptibreeze, just for humidity and to keep some of that heat in as it gets really cold in my house here in the UK!, i've tried to attach some pics, dno if they'll work though kinda new at this!

Many thanks.


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