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Has anyone had or heard anything good or bad about these reptariums, or this buyer...Gold Reptariums @

They seem to be a good price. I am not sure how durable they would be. But for someone just starting out, maybe?????

I am looking for probably 2 cages to start out that are not to big(60-75gals. or so). Then after a year or so I will step up to 175-gal size or so. But to start out I am kinda looknig cheap because of the initial start up. But I guess you probably get what you pay for:)

Thanks for any info. By the way I Love this website, such great information, and seems like a lot of people that are willing to help.
hey you joined on my whoops ment birthday, rofl! WOOT go bg77! i know the people here r very helpfull. i for one do not know about that product, i plan to custom biuld my own cage.
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Yes I will probably custom build my large one, but for now I just want to buy a few smaller ones.
I started with a 38 gallon Reptarium, and now I have a 260 set up. It's ok. I paid $65 for the big one at a herp show. So, for the money, you can't beat it. It's sort of flimsey, and if you try to use a halogen or mercury vapor bulb, you'll burn a hole right through the screen. After setting up the 260, I've decided that my next project will be a custom enclosure. Here are a couple of pics of my setup.
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I personally like the reptariums.

I guess most of the disadvantages would be: dark mesh (not as well lit), drainage (bottom soaks up water and stays a little wetter longer), reports of larger chameleons losing claws in mesh (can be true with a lot of cages in general), and the zipper can give you some crap time to time.

The zipper can usually be over come easily. They are a tight fit to begin with. I washed and streched it out when I got mine intially. No real problem. I have heard other people recommend slightly rubbing vasoline on the zipper, then opening and shutting them a couple times to work it around. I have not had to much of a problem with this.

They are dark. This bothered me for awhile with them. To over come this I got a double fixture for the flourescents. This lit the cage up quite well and it helps the plants out with some extra lighting. The extra flourescent I am using came with the ballist.

The drainage. Mine remains a little poor. As I have great plant cover it does not get the ground dried out as quickly. I believe Studio Cham posted something about light substrate and planting plants at ground level. That seems as though it would help out a lot. I elevated mine on an open shelving system which did drop the drying time alot just does not do it quite as quick as I would like. They do make soft tray liners. I am going to buy one and see if I can get a hole through the bottom for mor controlled drainage.

The claws. This really can happen on any unnatural climbing substance. Just make sure they have plenty to climb on. Most will stay off the mesh with alot of climbing branches.

Overall they are good and cheap. I would recommend them. Most of the disadvantages can be over come by thinking them out.
THEY SUCK!. I had one for my cham and the Crix chew right threw the material if you free range them. They also climb inbetween the pvc and the mesh so your cham cant get to them. The mesh is super thick too so you cant see in unless you put a whole lot of light on it. It also pulled out three of my cham's toenails when he was climbing on it. The zipper system is terrible too, the thing is tough to zip closed and can only be accessed from the sides or the top in the 100-65 gallon, making it harder to reach anything in the cage thats in the middle area. The floor is also mesh so unless you plan on having your cage on a counter or some othe solid surface with a towel under it, its pretty hard to set plants up in your cage unless you hang them from something above the cage, and also makes a good drainage system difficult, because the floor has no support. Honestly you are better off building your own or buying a wire cage like the ones from they made me a custom cage and it is pretty nice. The wire mesh they use comes in two sizes so you can choose the larger mesh that doesn't pull out toenails. I do think however that the reptariums work well for travel cages because they are extreemly light and dissasemble and assemble easily. Spend the extra money because you will end up with a wire or home built cage in the long run.
wow, jordan funky just went against everything u just said.

The best way to go i say is to build your own. that way u can make sure u have whatever u want in it, good mesh, drain, removable tray for easy cleaning, and so on.
Ok, I saw the pics. of the cage that were posted and did not see it at the time but, after further inspection and reading a few other posts I noticed a few things. My oh My I am glad I asked before I bought. I had no idea it had a zipper. Now idea it was a cloth type mesh material. After further reveiw, No Thank You. I thank everyone for their comments. You saved me from throwing some money away.

Thanks again......
OK, OK so maybe I will build my own........What is the best mesh to use? I found some today at one of the pet stores, but it was very expensive. I also found some aluminum screen mesh at Walmart that seemed very reasonable. Is the Aluminum screen door mesh stuff the wrong stuff to use?
So are all retariums like this? Like the ones at LLLReptile? Are they all cloth mesh?
Yes all reptariums are like this. The 100 gallon has the door on the front. The 65 gallon can be flipped on its side and then you have openings at both ends with a lose of only 2".

If you are looking at larger chameleon species you will have to be cautious of the holes sizes of the screening. The nails can become stuck and aluminum will simply not give. This can cause nail lose.

If you are looking for some ideas on cage building look at some of Zerah Morris. I tried to find it but must just be slipping past me. It was a month or so old and he posted an how to on one of his designs. Hybrid started a thread recently with a similar design. Both are not only functional but very attractive enclosures.

I'll second the recommendation for and their optional 1/8 x 1/8 coated screen. I have one of their 24x24x48 enclosures with that larger screen and it is very good. I also recommend getting it with the extra door added at the bottom-front too. It makes it easier for certain cleaning aspects. If the total cost of their enclosure, along with the extra door and shipping is too much then go for one of the ones from (or like) LLL Reptile. They don't offer the nicer screen but overall, they work well otherwise. I have about a dozen of them.

These come with a 2nd door and the bottom is easily removed for extended cleaning I think that their shipping charge will be less too.
Well I am still researching all of my options. So a few more questions for those that have some knowledge. Can I use a galvanized non coated 1/4 in mesh? I know the mesh is a tad bit big for small prey, but was considering feeding out of a cup. The mesh did not seem to be sharp, but not sure if it needs to coated? Also, is it recomended to stain the wood or paint it with a 100% acrylic latex paint? Thanks again
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