reptariums - good or bad?


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I have always recommended these as an alternative to screen/wire cages, but are they really appropriate for chameleons? My main concern is light intensity, mesh size, and proper water drainage. Any opinions here? Unless I can be convinced otherwise, I think I am going to stop recommending them. They might be good for a temporary (1-3 day) solution, but otherwise I don't see the logic.

A local friend of mine has a veiled he keeps in one of those huge reptariums you can walk in. His chameleon lost a couple nails and one or two were found in the cage mesh. This also happened to another friend, and she now uses screen/wire cages.
If you are talking about the black mesh zip up ones (we call them apogee vivs) then I think they are terrible. I bought one because they are so cheap and within a few hours it was back in the shop in exchange/part payment for a decent wooden viv. I have heard all sorts - that the zips get stuck and crickets eat their way out.
The reason I hated my one was because it was so flimsy that putting branches in it pushed the sides out of shape. It was also so dark and dingy and even after I put a uvb tube and a basking bulb in place it was too dark for my liking. They are only any good if someone likes to place their chams outside in the summer for a few hours. It is easy to transport these apogee vivs out in to the garden.
new to having veiled chams

received 2 gorgeous girls jan. 1st so far so good they are still alive so i must be doing something good for a newbie :rolleyes: thanks so much for all the input have read all the posts trying to get the perfect homes for my babies. on the retariums i have a huge sunroom plenty of sunshine and lots of warmth have not purchased one yet but would it be okay to make each of them their own private home in one of these. have plenty of pothos and heat and uvb light , just would like to give girls more room to roam. found the reptariums at sams web site 100 gallon-$55.92/ 22 gallon-$20.44/ 260 gallon-$78.76/ and the 65 gallon $28.44. if they are okay are the 65 gallon big enough to house an adult for when they do grow bigger in a few months. 4 of the 65 gallon would run $132.27 tax shipping and all. would like to prepare for a male veiled as well as have an extra for new family member from reptile show. < both girls eat out of my hands meal worms crickets and wax worms> :D

Congrats on your new additions. Are you using UVB lights as well as having them in your sun room? Sunlight that is filtered by glass does not allow the chameleon to process D3, and your cham will develop metabolic bone disease even though they are regularly exposed to sunlight filtered by window glass. Reptariums are definately affordable, but they do have a few faults that you might want to consider. I use a similar material for the screening on my cage, and like it because it is softer on my cham's feet than aluminum screen. However, if I had it to do again, I would choose 1/8" welded wire screen with PVC coating. The screen is dark and it is difficult to see into the cage even with the lights on. This is a disadvantage, but it must be difficult for the cham to see out also and that helps with his stress level in a house where there are several cats and a dog. In my opinion, a 65 gallon reptarium is not large enough for an adult veiled chameleon. You may want to consider the 175 gallon as a good adult size if you decide to go with one, or even the 260 gallon.

i never had any problems with the reptaruim and i've used them for about 1 1/2 years and had no problem i got bigger cages now so i'll turn them into outdoor sunning cages
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