Reorganizing Bedroom to Make Room for Waldo


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So we are living in a tiny 2 bedroom apartment. The only room that would be considered quiet is our master bedroom. So I was hoping to turn our bedroom into a chameleon friendly room. I have 2 choices I can make on placement of the enclosure. That's either the side with a window or the side with no window. The window side I was thinking about using my dresser as a small free range looking out the window. The other wouldn't have that opportunity to do that.

I was going to turn a corner in the living room next to my little desk into a bigger free range.

So what does everyone think?
I have a couple of my chams next to a window and they seem to love it :) They spend a lot of time looking out the window and love to bask in the sunrays, even with the UVB blocked. Just make sure there isn't a draft during the winter months if you live in a place that gets cold :)
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