Reloacting and acting very weird help?!

Hi I just relocated my chameleon to a much large cage. 3 year old male veiled chameleon. He has proper dusting of calcium with and withoutD3. Multivitamins. I feed his crickets repashy super load and they use gel crystals for water. Kept in a separate clean cage. His cage is cleaned very often as well. He has the proper vapor bulb. Tons of clean branches that have all been bought from reptile expos. He's watered 4-5 times a day. Has a dripper. I have a temp and hungry gauge.
Just today I came home from work and he looked pretty frightened and uncomfortable so I took him out and he's been acting extra docile. He had mbd as a baby because he grew to fast and it doesn't help I bought him from petco and they do not take care of their reptiles.
I don't know if anyone else has this issue?
I put him back in his old cage for now because I don't want to cause him to much stress.


Can you please fill out the husbandry sheet and i believe it's normal for them to act weird when you put them in a new cage.
Pascal- male veiled chameleon 3 years 2 months
I've had him since he was about 3 months old

Handling - Not very often, just to let him roam or look him over and make sure everything's looking good.

Feeding - crickets 3-5 a day
horn worms, and butter worms every noa and then
he gets fed at 5:30 ish everyday

Gutload- repashy superload and water crystals I got from a reptile expo

Supplements - rep-cal multi vitamins 3 times a month
Rep-cal calcium without D3 every day
Flukers calcium with d3 every other week

Watering - i use tap with water, my water isnt very hard/ soft. i do add water conditioner though
I mist In the morning and then leave Ice on top of the cage and a dripper on just incase ( I work long hours)
Then I mist 3 more times before bed.
I see my chameleon drink when I get home and I always look at his eyes and skin to assure he's not dehydrated

Fecal Description - he has big healthy brown fecal matter, very consistent. Never has been constipated

He hasn't been tested for parasites but he is captive bred and does see a vet

History - he had mbd as a baby, not exactly sure how it happened because I dusted and had right lighting, my vet said he may have grew to fast, it wasn't severe he never stopped waking or eating but he did have some of his spines fall off his back and a bit of sway it arms.

Cage Info:
260 gal reptarium, mesh screen
30" X30" X 71"

Lighting - zoo med power sun bulb 6:30am - 8pm

Temperature - 68-79 degrees in my house
Basking - 85-88
I have a digital thermostat

Humidity - 40-55

Plants - Dry wood that has been cured and a ficus along with

Placement -corner of my room. no traffic. no other pets. Hes never bothered. Seems to always be the hottest room in my house because my tv kicks out a lot of heat
The top of his new cage is about 3 1/2ft
from the ceiling

Location - san juans Washington state

Current Problem - Acting out of sorts with new cage. He wasnt wanting to eat. even though i could see him spot the crickets
I know change can be hard on reptiles. Nothing serious so far has happened but I need to know if anyone has suffered any issues from that kind of stress. And how can I make him feel more comfortable. I just wanted him to have more room to roam and not feel couped up.

He's currently in his old cage because I can't seem to make him feel comfortable yet

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How old is your powersun bulb? The company recommends replacing them every 12 months. Lack of UV light can cause some of the issues that you are having.


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Hey there,

How long has it been since you moved him to the new enclosure? (well, I get it that he's in the old one again now, but how much time did he have to adjust to the new one?)

He might just need more time to get used to the new surrounding. They can get stressed when moved into new home, just because it's all so different and unfamiliar. It might take a week or two before he starts settling in, I would say that's pretty normal. I mean - imagine if you all of a sudden found yourself in a completely strange and new home :) Yes, it is bigger and all, but I still think you would be a bit freaked out by the sudden change ;)

As for eating, my cham reacted that way when I started taking him out into the balcony for some sun. He would obviously spot food when offered, but seemed much more concerned with constantly monitoring the unfamiliar surrounding for possible hostilities :) since he couldn't both keep his eyes looking in all directions and focus them on the prey item at the same time, it wasn't until he has gotten use to the balcony environment that he started taking food there. It took some 7-10 times, so I would say you fellow's behavior is rather normal. Give him time, offer food as usual, he should come around :)



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I'd say the same about the new enclosure. I'd give him some time to adjust and see what he does. As for eating, adult veiled chams do not need to eat every day and I wouldn't be too concerned over that unless it became long term. You could try letting him hang out on a plant, or in the old enclosure right next to the new one and see if he goes there on his own. It would most likely be less stressful and he may adjust better. ;)
I replace my bulbs every 5-6 months. I know they are only good for so many hours. He was only in the cage for 2 days. I guess I just get really weirded out when he acts weird because of him having mbd as a baby. That broke my heart and I'd never want anything else to happen to him. I also am awaiting a new tube style bulb for the cage since it is bigger i need the appropriate bulb. I'm since then placed the old cage inside the new one with the door open so he can choose where he wants to be, hopefully he will warm up.
Thanks for the input, I probably over reacted but I'm not used to him being anything but spunky and running around his cage and being alert.
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