Rehoming Ambilobe Panther Chameleon

Ethan M

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Hello! I’m looking to rehome my 1 year old male Panther Chameleon. I currently live in Pensacola, FL, but I’m moving to RI in about a month. I I figured he should stay in an environment that is closer to his natural habitat, so I thought it would be best to find a new home for him.
As for his character, he will sit on my hand for a few seconds, but he’s still not completely trusting and only comes to me when I’m feeding him. I’m sure with a little more time and love he will get there, though. He’s a big fan of crickets and black soldier flies, and likes silkworms as a treat.
I’ll include all of my equipment, which includes his extra large Reptibreeze enclosure, a Mist King misting system, and all of my supplements/ bug foods. Let me know if you’re interested and we can talk logistics. My profile picture is a picture of him, but there are more below, plus a picture of his enclosure.


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Dang just drove through pennsacola on a vacay to destin. I am in new Orleans and have chameleons. In fact my male ambanja is a rescue that the previous owner couldn’t take care of any more because of an illness in her family. Are you looking to sell or just looking to make sure he is taken care of.
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