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This is in remembrance of my little googly eyed, googly horned buddy Reggie, who passed today after a fight with a somewhat mysterious kidney disease. I had Reggie for a little over a year, since he was six months old. I rescued him from very poor conditions at a petshop and I like to think that he lived in chameleon luxury for the time that he was under my care. I hope it made up for the hard life he had before I happened upon him late last spring.

Reggie was a sweet little guy and absolutely adorable. No one was able to successfully gaze upon him without a big smile on their face. He wasn't the type of chameleon that came running out to your arm, but that didn't mean he wasn't friendly and curious. Reggie would not take his sweet eyes off of me when I was in the chameleon room, watching with seemingly keen interest in what ever I did. When I would get close he would peer deeply into my eyes, we had a connection. He was always doing something goofy, I suspect just for my entertainment.

Reggie will always live in my memories and the warm feeling that I get when I think about my experiences with him. I am glad he is no longer in pain and am sure that whatever is on the other side, he will be getting credit for being a great chameleon and a great friend.

Here are some of my favorite pictures of this sweet little soul.

I'll miss you little buddy!





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Reggie was just precious. I know he will be very sadly missed. He is lucky that you rescued him and gave him a wonderful life. My more sincere condolences.
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So sorry to hear about Reggie. He certainly was a sweet little guy. Glad you found him and made his short life wonderful.



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I am so sorry that your dear Reggie has passed away.

You certainly gave him a good life.

Rest assured that although most people don't "get" the love we have for our chams, your fellow forum members do understand your loss and your grief.

May your heart heal soon.


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Awe so sorry that Reggie passed on. Sometimes no matter how good of care we give them, they still can get ill on us. It sounds like you gave have him a wonderful life in the past year and you should find comfort in that.


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Your post touched my heart. To have so much love for a tiny creature is something remarkable. We all love out pets immensely. At least you have the comfort in knowing that he lived a great life while he was under your care. Strength



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I feel awful for you. Even knowing Reggie is no longer in pain, I know you are. Try to just remember the love.


I'm so sorry for your loss. Our pets are part of our family, no matter what other folk may think, and it hurts just as much to lose them.
I'm glad he found you, and that you gave him a better life than he had before.

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:( I am so sad reading this. Everything you say about Reggie I can see a lot of those qualities in my Monty. I am so very sorry you lost him. There is something different and extra special with the Jacksons. Can't quite put my finger on what, they are just 'Jacksons'. Sleep tight Reggie - you were such an aorable little chap, and will be sadly missed. :(

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I have been wanting to tell you how very sorry I am to hear, I watched his health thread from the start - and was realllly hoping for a different outcome :( you did all you could, and I am sure he is still watching your every move in the cham room, just from a higher vine now :) it seems with these little rescue guys, they do not stay long due to the care they DO NOT get before we get them, but they live like kings for the rest of their short times with us - and I just know he appreciated all the love you gave him while he was with you - RIP little guy, and keep a loving eye on your Daddy from up there , he loved you too ( but you knew that ;) )


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I just wanted to thank everyone for all the kind messages and support. The kindness and wisdom of the people who make up this forum are the reason I spend so much time here.

What a wonderful use of technology, bringing people together!


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I am so sorry to hear he didnt make it. I watched your thread from the begining and was hoping he would pull through. He was such a good looking boy and he had a wonderful life in your care.
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