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Hello, I had a question regarding d3 in my Supplementation schedule.

Im currently using:

Zoo med repti Calcium every feeding
1st sunday Fluckers Repta Calcium w/ d3
2nd sunday Herptivite
3rd Sunday Fluckers Repta Calcium w/ d3
4th sunday Reptivite with d/3

My setup is a 2ftx2ftx4ft with an arcadia 6% bulb.

My question is am I over doing the d3 with this schedule? I havent actually ran the schedule yet, I just to use herptivite week 2 and 4, but wanted to get some preformed A in his supplementation and all the store had was with d3. On the other hand, if I just do reptivite week 2 and 4 is that enough d3 to cut out the straight d3 on week 1 and 3?


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Word of advice, keep it simple.

Calcium with D3 on the 1st and 15th of every month.

Multivitamin on the 2nd and 16th.

Every other feeding gets plain calcium without D3.


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Anyone know if the amount of d3 in reptivite is enough by itself when given twice a month?


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Is it a bad thing if you give plain calcium at every feeding?

No, I'm just wondering if I can simplify my sup. schedule by using the reptivite with d3 twice a month and plain calcium every other feeding. Without worrying about a d3 insufficiency.
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