refrigerating calcium sups?


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hey all. i've been using the same jar of Repashy superfoods calcium plus for over a year. i just read that refrigeration extends life. the label says use by june 2014..
my question is has the supplement gone bad if i never refrigerated it ? its still half full , should i throw it away and buy new sups ? thanks
It is recommended that all Repashy supplements be replaced after six months from the open date. Refrigeration helps them maintain their same potency for that period of time. After the six months, some of the ingredients begin to degrade reducing the effectiveness of the supplement.

So to answer your questions, yes, I would get new supplements if they've been open for over a year. Do I think they absolutely must be refrigerated? No, but it does help keep them at their intended potency for the allotted amount of time.
thanks Zach. im also a little worried about what the Breeder told me about sups when i got my veiled. he told me this is the only supplement i need and use it 3 times a week. i asked if i should use anything else and he said NO this is all we use here at the store and we've been successful for a long time with this one and only supplement. i used it for a year now with my veiled and now i have a young jacksons... im worried hes wrong !!! what else should i use for a jacksons. supplement help please !!!
I can't comment on supplementation of chameleons, but Repashy Calcium Plus is all I've used for my dart frogs for going on three years now. I've begun to also cycle in Repashy Vitamin A, but I only use that sparingly. I haven't had any calcium issues with my frogs using this rotation and have produced 100 or so healthy froglets of various species in that time frame.
thanks zach . i just found pages after pages to read about repashy calcium plus... alot to take in . some believe its an all in one and some dont.. yikes !! ILL KEEP SEARCHING . hopefully ill get this info all sorted .
Some members on here swear by Repeshey Calcium plus others are wary. You might be interested in a new product by Repeshey. It's calcium LoD. I believe Dr O on here had some input.:)
Some members on here swear by Repeshey Calcium plus others are wary. You might be interested in a new product by Repeshey. It's calcium LoD.

I personally would not use the regular Repashy Calcium Plus as my only supplement. Its far too potent for extended continuous long-term use and has caused issues for many experienced panther keepers.
I think it is great as a once a week supplement, with a quality vitamin free calcium/mineral product like Mineral-O (which lasts forever, having no vitamins to degrade) as the product used as needed the rest of the time.

A lot depends on what type of prey/feeders you offer, how you gutload that prey, how your animal is exposed to UVB, and the type and age of the chameleon.

There is no single answer that fits all circumstances. You have to review your own husbandry practices from start to finish, and make decisions based on your particular situation.

You may find these links useful:

ps - I also use repashy C+ for my dart frogs, mixed 50-50 with mineral-o and they are healthy, happy, breeding well. But with them also I believe the type /variety of prey and gutloaded plays a role.
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you guys are all so informative ! thank you !! im keeping these notes. @sandracham .. thank you for the extra info too !!
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