red body blue bar ambilobe females for sale. high end

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Hello cham forum,
I am releasing 2 Achilles x Hyperion line girls. There 3 months old and coloring up very nice for females. This pairing won't go anymore cause Achilles sadly passed away. These females are raised outdoors in natural fl Sun. There eating and drinking as they should. 100% healthy, no ruin of the mill animals here. I'm a private breeder that never sacrifices quality over quantity. I do this as a hobby. Females are priced at 175 each plus shipping. ACHILLES is the red body blue bar in the picture collage. The red body purple bar Hyperion is the father to the female I bred to Achilles. Which is the mother to these babies. If you have any questions you can call our text me at 7864689809 Eslin


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