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I’m brand new to chameleons, and trying to learn as much as I can, but I’m kind of at overload of information right now.

I’m working on building an enclosure from an armoire, and I’m looking for suggestions on what to use to screen the sides and the door.
I have 1/4 hardware cloth, but it seems like that will be hard on a chameleon’s feet, and crickets would be able to get through it. I can easily get aluminum window screen too.

I plan to make the back solid, and I need ideas for that as well. Thinking maybe FRP.

The dimensions of the enclosure are about 23”x35”x 44” tall.

Still not sure what kind of chameleon I’ll get, but it will be either be a veiled or panther.

I have a MistKing on the way, and will use a Reptisun T5 for UVB.

Thanks for any help.


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The window screen material at home Depot is fine as long as it is the metal stuff. Crickets can chew through it otherwise. I love the size your going with and it has a hole in the bottom that will work great for drainage. @Decadancin can help with some ideas for the that.

Welcome to the forum and cannot wait to see you grow here like I did. A word of advice though, these guys are amazing and addicting. Maybe plan on a little space for another one haha . I was trying to decide between a veiled and panther like you and now I have both .


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I second the metal window screen. Usually sold in silver, hit it with black spray paint and it creates better visibility


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Thank you for the replies.

QUOTE="JoshD49, post: 1450074, member: 52507"] it has a hole in the bottom that will work great for drainage. @Decadancin can help with some ideas for the that.

I think I have the drainage figured out. I have some left over pond liner, and I bought a shower drain. I plan to secure the pond liner to the edges between two pieces of pvc trim about an inch higher than the drain. Below the drain will be a bucket.

The picture doesn't show the liner or the trim, just how the drain is recessed in the base. In addition to the drain cover that came with it, I will cover it with screen.


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