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How often do Female Veiled Chameleons usually go receptive? I've been reading that anywhere from about every 10 days. My female Veiled seems to be receptive very often. I have her laying bin in her cage and another bin put away if she does have an infertile clutch. *Note* I don't want to breed, I just want to know how often they become receptive* Thank you!
I determine she's receptive by her colors. she shows more spotting and some more blues, similar to this picture, but a bit more colors.
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The blue dots do indicate receptiveness.

A veiled chameleon can show non-receptive (with the dark background) one minute and receptive the next...but it doesn't mean that she is changing back and forth from receptive to non-receptive....IMHO it just means its not necessary for her to show the dark background colors. Unless you aren't referring to that change from dark background to blue dots?
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