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I showed my female my male today. She looked like this. Usually she instantly turns black and hisses. Today she just puffed up a little but didn't change color. I was holding him while i took the pic. I'm confused. Receptive? Or maybe close to it?
In my experience females show some fairly obvious signs when receptive by way of color. Even the most plain looking females will typically show bright pink spots on her sides when receptive. I have a couple that develop red lipstick and pink spots when they are ready to be put with a male. It's hard to say from the pic you have posted. Just be ready to grab her if things go bad between the pair. I guess that is your Spock girl?
Yes it is. And thanks for telling me about the spots. I'll start looking for that. How often do you breed your females a year?
No more than 2 times a year typically. If the female seems to be doing poorly I concentrate on keeping her healthy and probably wont ever breed her again. I usually gauge this by how easily she lays and how quickly she goes receptive again after laying. if she is feeding and drinking well and seems in really good overall health I will put her with the male again later in the year to ensure strong clutches. Retained clutches will typically have lower hatch rates than the first but not usually by much. for say 30 eggs for 3 clutches you should get 100% hatch rate for the first clutch, possibly lose 2 for the 2nd clutch and maybe lose 3 or 4 eggs in the 3rd clutch. If I breed her again to the same male when she goes receptive, I have 100% hatch rates every time. Hope this helps.
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