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So I have made a very recent move that was about 5 miles away. My female veiled is now right next to a window, but has been acting very strange since the move. Poor thing was super stressed by being put in a car of course.

Since the move... About 5 days now, she has been SUPER active. She climbs all over her cage both on branches and screen. I thought at first this might be because she can see all the trees right out side the window, but she tends to be very dark.. Which generally indicates stress.... Anyone have some ideas on this?
Id keep her in a low traffic area, both in the house and in the window. Mine spooks when cars drive by like they were hawks. You could also try the old bird trick and places a very light sheet over the cage till she settles down.
That's actually a really great idea! Definitely will try w sheet next time she's romping around her cage. Thanks!
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