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Hey guys purchased a veiled chameleon just under a month ago. When I got him he appeared very healthy, he enjoyed staying in a small area of his cage and eats well. In the past three days I have switched him from regular crickets to gut loaded crickets and I gave him a shower the other day. Now he is moving throughout his cage and really seems to be enjoying it.

Is this a common thing for chameleons to do when they are well fed and hydrated? I just want to make sure he isn't getting stressed or anything.

Here is my setup:

5' Cage
Ficus tree w/ lots of fake vines.
Mister 4x a day 30seconds
8.0 UVB light
75w heat lamp
7 months old

Also how much should I be feeding him I have been giving him ~15 crickets every other day.
Hey Chuck, my chameleons do that also. They climb around most of the day looking for food I guess since recently I let a few crickets run around their cages without putting them in a dish. They seem to like "hunting" the crickets rather then them eating out of a dish. They seem to be searching for some yummy crickets. If hes a light greenish color I would say he is happy. Aswell as if his eyes are not sunken in, and his urates are white. ( If his urates are yellow/orange and his eyes are sunken in, that usually means their dehydrated.)

How old is he? If he is young, I'd say feed him about 15+ crickets a day. Well thats what my babies Veileds eat. Since they are growing, they need food! If he is an adult, then every other day should be fine. But from what you posted, he seems to be healthy and hyrdrated.

Hope I answered some of you questions.
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