Really weird. Possible issue?


Ok I just got my male his final 2x2x4 .. So I put my female in his older 18x18x36. She is around 4 months old.

Ever since I put her in she hasn't moved. An inch. I put her in it. She stayed exactly where she was for about 3 hours. Didn't move at all. So I poked her a bit and she moved to the next vine. So I left here there over night and when I came back into the room in the morning. She was in the exact same spot. Didn't move an inch. What is the deal with this???

Is there a scent or something that could be left over in the cage that is causing her to be a statue. She hasn't moved or are at all today.
Chams have little to no sense of smell, so a scent isn't the problem. She is a bit freaked out by the change, but possibly she feels too exposed to view, or can now see something that frightens her. She's trying to be invisible. If you don't have more live foliage to put in her cage for visual security maybe you could drape a light colored sheet around the cage temporarily?
Here is a Photo Of the New Setup w/ Mistking

Ok So Here is a photo of my new setup. My main Bucket in bottom left is the water res. for the mistKing. (Still working on Drainage which is what the 3 clear collector buckets are on the bottom of the rack) The bucket in the upper right was just there for the photo. Its nothing in regards to the setup. It just happened to be there.

She is still not moving at all. I have a plastic bag separating the cages so they cant see each other. She is in the smaller cage on the left, my males old cage. He loved it, she is just frozen stiff. I couldnt say if she has eaten or not today. I also thought she could of been seeing my Piranha and that could of been freaking her out, So I blocked out the side of the fish tank with plastic also, so she cant see anything there.

New Setup.jpg

Hopefully tomorrow she starts moving around her new cage. She has plenty of room. When I went to work this morning she was hanging upside down in one of the corners. When I came back on my lunch, she was still right there, So I gently moved her to a vine before I left. Hopefully she has moved and isnt just a statue when I get back.
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