Really dark color sometimes

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Kamil_the_chameleon, Aug 9, 2018.

  1. Kamil_the_chameleon

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    Since almost 3 weeks we own a male panther chameleon, named Kamil.
    We are just a little worried because he's really dark sometimes. We also only saw him drink once (when he arrived at our place).
    We leave him and only feed and mist.

    Can someone help us out? Or are we worried for nothing?

    Greetings from Belgium,
    Sofie & Andy

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  2. Bmjo

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    He’s probably just getting use to his surroundings and is a little stressed i wouldn’t worry right now
  3. Syreptyon

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    Chameleons change colors. It's what they do. Sometimes males go through periods of dullness, which is completely normal, and not necessarily a bad sign. In fact, dull colors often demonstrate relaxation and lack of stress. They are not always as bright as you see in pictures (when they are flaring up).

    Just keep an eye on him and if his behavior is concerning, then that is when I would start to worry and consider a vet visit
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  4. Kamil_the_chameleon

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    We also caught him eating sand?
  5. Kamil_the_chameleon

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  6. yodathepanther

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    You should honestly just take the substrate out its a lot better for the chameleon and easier to clean, its not good for them to eat
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  7. Char333p

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    Either take out the substrate or cover it with LARGE rocks, big enough he cant fit in his mouth. Chams also sometimes change to a darker color when basking. it helps them soak up the heat. Same as a black shirt will be hotter than a white one in the sun.
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  8. yodathepanther

    yodathepanther Established Member

    i dont think rocks would be smart wouldnt that damage them more if theh fell?
  9. Wowbango

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    If your chameleon falls off a branch, you have bigger problems them him "hurting himself" on the rocks. likely signs of MBD. I have some potted plants inside my enclosure and the soil is all covered up with small river rocks (big enough where the chameleon couldn't swallow it if he tried) mostly to keep him from accidentally ingesting any kind of dirt.
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  10. yodathepanther

    yodathepanther Established Member

    I mean with a glass sided cage anything can really happen chameleon can fall and not had mbd, but i just thought it made more sense.
  11. JacksJill

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    A healthy chameleon can take a fall, not that I recommend letting them. When males fight for territory they try to knock each other off the branch. Some will also jump to avoid predators. And then there is this...
    I cover the soil in my potted plants with river stones larger than my chameleons head and leave the bottom bare. If you have a bioactive setup then covering bare soil with plants or leaves is preferable.
    If he is eating sand he may or may not be lacking something in his diet. The best way to make up for a possible lack is to gut load tour feeders and make sure your supplement schedule is correct.
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  12. Graves923

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    I agree with the advice given by everyone above.

    Out of curiosity, what supplements are you using to dust the feeders each meal? When do you use each supplement?

    I ask this because I know some animals will eat strange things like soil if they need a vitamin or mineral that is not being provided by there normal diet.
  13. Wowbango

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    WHAT THE ACTUAL HELL. this guy has a death wish. HAHA
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  14. Lucasthecham

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    Hahahha this video is so cute why don’t they just climb down?! omg lol
  15. SharpShooter

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    One crazy Cham that missed the 'how to pack a chute' part of his jump course.

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