RBBB 3 month old male from Achilles line. must see

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Hello Cham forum.
I have a hold back male from my Achilles x Supernova line. This line has produced really colorful males and females. This male is a Achilles clone. Note the bars and see the same barring. Has red turrets coming in and red throat, with the green body and later the blue will come in. Toss little guy is eating 1/4 -1/2 inch crickets and mealworms, small Hornworms, baby silks, and housed outdoors in the South Florida Sun. Very very hardy Ambilobe baby. Don't hesitate cause he won't last at $175.00 plus shipping. I have some Achilles x Hyperion females I can throw in for those of you who are looking unrelated pairs. I have one unrelated pair ready to go for $325 plus shipping. 7864689809 you can search Achilles on the forum for pictures. Or text me. I'll gladly show you lineage.


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