RB Ambilobe Eggs for sale~ Michigan

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I have 8 eggs left from a clutch that was laid April 14th. There were 32 but we sold the other 24 already. We also have another clutch with 27 eggs that was laid on July 9th. That is 35 eggs total. The reason we are selling the eggs is because our first clutch is 24 eggs and we are planning on hatching and raising those until they are healthy and stable enough to sell. We were unaware that sperm is retained for up to three clutches. We definitely do not just want to pitch them so we thought why not offer someone else a great opportunity. We are located in Eau Claire Michgan and are willing to travel some (depending on distance) to meet. We are also willing to meet at the August 17th Kalamazoo, MI reptile expo or the August 31st Valparaiso Indiana Expo. We Will NOT Ship We are asking $20 per egg unless you want all 35, then we can talk about a deal.


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