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Ivan is an Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog and the pick of a litter out of 9, I had planned on keeping Him but decided I had too many males. He is mostly housebroken and completely crate trained, we are working in obedience and He is doing amazing, He is going through the long and lanky stage but He will mature to be a massive boy with a very thick build and big head, He has CRK's Goldberg on top and bottom of his pedegree. He's a gorgeous Lilac/Fawn merle with aqua eyes! asking 2K Will ship worldwide, for more info, visit our website @ www.eclipsekennelalapaha.com, Open to trade for unique and unusual herps, abronia graminea, anolis smallwoodii smallwoodii, Gila Monsters, ornate uros, Indian star tortoises, Red Ackies (Varanus acanthurus), Green Tree Monitors (Prasinus), rare and unusual chameleons, Brazilian rainbow boas, black headed pythons, womas and Albino Blood pythons! Maybe interested in other animals, let me know what you have :) Thank you!


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