Rapid eye scratches, won't eat!


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I have a female Jacksons chameleon. She has lived fine ever since i got her(2 years ago). however, recently she has been closing her eyes and pulls her them into her sockets and when she tried to open them she pulls them back in. She does this all day and wont eat a thing but only drinks. What should I do?:confused:
it sounds like she needs her eyes flushed by a vet - something is really bothering them - I would take her asap - you know how much an eyelash in your eye bugs you....her pulling her eyes in and out is an attempt to clean them- make sure you spray her well, and let her do her eye maintenance , maybe she can get it out, but if not, I would take her to the vet

good luck and welcome to the CF :)
keep us posted on your little girl

Thanks for all the help, I brought her to the vet and got prescribed for some eye drops. He said to raise the humidity levels. She is looking better and seems more interested in eating! Thanks for the help.:)
Threw up eye receding.

After i thought she was feeling better she started to act weird again and she threw up. The throw up was dark brown and looked to be in some kind of sack, plus it smelled terrible. Her eyes have receded again and she wont open her eyes. She was drinking fine but after she threw up she didn't want food or water. What do i need to do?:(
can you post a pic of her throw up - in a sack sounds weird - are you sure it did not come from the other end? a foul smelling BM can mean parasites, but if she did throw it up, what was she eating ? I know sometimes the worms can look very odd - you must make her drink- more so than food - but both are needed - you can drip water on her nose, and that may start her to drinking - or try a shower - if you do not know how to do that, there is a link for it- I will try to find it- you do NOT just stick her under the shower, you bounce the water off the wall, so the water is not right on her, stick her on a plant , DO NOT LEAVE HER alone - keep her cage humidity up - you do not want her to get dehydrated -I hope maybe someone else will chime in too, you may also have to put her on bug juice if she wont eat - can you post a pic of her ? also, if you have not filled this out, please do - it helps others maybe see issues w/ her cage or diet -

Throw up

Unfortunately i threw away the throw up. I am 99.9% sure that she threw it up because of the way she was acting and her position to where the throw up landed. The throw up was dark brown and almost black. The sack part was not as much of a sack as it was a condensed clump. Before she threw up she stuck her tongue out a few inches and hissed. I went downstairs to get my sprayer incase she needed to have some water to get whatever it was out of her system. When i came back up the throw up was in the waterfall. However the throw up was not spreading out. I will research the shower thing and try to put some water on her nose. Thank you:eek:

I looked up some techniques and directions for showering her and i tried it. Immediately she opened her eyes and in a few minutes began to drink. Her attitude has greatly increased. I even got her to eat a mealworm! This may have been part of the answer! I will let you know if her condition goes bad. Thank you for all the help! I have attempted to put a pic in this reply.:D


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