Ranger thinks i'm an idiot


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I have the hardest time with the tongs and feeders. I stand there trying to hold on to the crickets and they keep getting away from. Worms wriggle free before i can get them in the cage. Ranger in the meantime is watching the calamity just turns and walks away with no appetite. He wont eat from a cup! I wanted to keep track of how much he is eating. :confused:


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Hmm, can't help much here. I know how the crickets just loose their legs just to get free and they escape very easy and are fast as h*ll.
Have you tried to put the worms in your palm and let him it from it? If the worms dosen't scare you. This works for me, I just push them up and remove any other stuff that might come with then just put them in my palm.

*Try roaches.
*Try to put in crickets in a cup and leave the cup in the cage and just leave him alone. Try to put the cup in the lower part of the cage or where he can see it from above.
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