Random Beatle in toothlesses cage need help identifying

Toothless the cham

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So I went to my room this morning to check on my chameleon toothless and when I looked in I saw a beetle. No idea what kind of beetle is. The only possible idea I have is the darkling beetle because I used to feed them mealworms and I feed him superworms now to. Just so you know his diet mainly consists of dubia, crickets, and superworms. If anyone has any idea what kind of beetle this is please tell me. 1556381679563926895410932428032.jpg


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The beetles aren't half a scary as the pupal stage. Those things are right out of a horror movie.

I like to think of myself as a tough guys sometimes but I still jumped when the first pupa squirmed when I went to pick on up.... They are creepy and was not expecting it to move. I dont like surprises haha
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