Ran in the Warrior dash.


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These are done all across the US and today was the Arkansas Warrior Dash, it is a 5K run and obstacle course, run through the woods, up a mountain, through creeks, over walls, through tires, over old rusted cars, swim across part of a lake, over two fire lines and through the mud pit to the finish.....it was great fun and over 2000 runners......can't wat til next year.
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Sounds (and looks) like fun!!! That must be so much more difficult than a regular 5K. My brother in law is an Iron Man competitor and I for the life of me do not know how he does those races!!! I would be dead in the first leg when they swim for 2 miles of what ever it is!! I admire you all!


Thats awesome. Props for that. I know how tough and how much fun those are. I just did the Indiana Spartan. Tons of fun. Cant wait to do more.
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