US Rainbow Jackson (Trioceros jacksonii jacksonii) Breeding Pair


Hey everyone!

I have a beautiful pair of Rainbow Jackson's Chameleons for sale. They are field collected, but were in captivity with Tiki's geckos before being purchased by me. They are extremely healthy. I am currently raising 8 babies from my female, and not a single one has died (they're currently 4 months old). The pair is being fed an alternating diet of roaches and crickets, with waxworms thrown in every few weeks. I am selling them due to being in college, and unfortunately, I don't think I will be able to breed them consistently in this transient stage of life. Therefore, I am selling my pair, and keeping one of the male babies which I am raising.

I am asking $250 for the pair plus shipping and local pickup is available in Utah. They are wild caught so they are cheaper than a CB pair, but they are long term healthy captives so the price reflects that as well. My male was paired with my female 3 months ago and successfully mated with her. She is currently gravid, and I expect her to give birth sometime in May. I expect her to produce another healthy litter! Current babies will be 5 months old and ready to ship in May if anyone is interested in that as well.

PM me for more info. Thanks!


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