Radigast babies hatching, slowly but surely!


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The first little guy is doing good in his tank!! The second egg that had been split for two whole days was looking a little dry. Since he wasn't making any progress so I snipped a little piece of the egg that was left over his face and he kinda popped out. He had color and a red throat so I put him down while we were paying attention to the other two eggs that had piped, who are progressing nicely! I put them all away and went and just checked and the one little guy rallied. He's truckin it around in the same container with the other two piped, hoping he will get them going!! Ill take pictures tomorrow but for now, Here are some pictures of the one who has been hatched for two days!
We call him/her button~:D~
Attached is the hatchlings Sire: Radigast


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That cutie is a keeper for sure. Do you have tons of fruity flys and pinhead crickets? Get ready for little eating machines.:)


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We have a culture of FF's with another two on the way. I'm ordering some Turkish roaches (Red Runners) and pinheads tomorrow :) I'm ready... We have been anticipating this for 6 months. Which I was assuming gonna be a couple more months!


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Congrats on the babies, now the work & worry kicks in!! As far as these guys taking their time to get out of the egg, don't forget that in the wild they are typically buried under the dirt some 8-12 inches.
Site sponsor Josh's Frogs can get you set up with fruit flies, and you can also go to Snail Tail Flies (stflies.com) - they have a whole kit that comes with containers, medium, FF food & the flies too.
Again, congrats on the babies & keep those pics coming!!
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