R. spinosum


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My female R. spinosum. Not my best pics but this thing is incredibly difficult to photograph. She will hide behind a stick every time so when I was inspecting her, I placed her on a leaf so I could take some pics and these are the only ones I have of her. She isn’t displaying the best colors but I can’t complain … she is looking pretty healthy … just need a boyfriend for her.




I don’t remember ... maybe a few months? Chris would know. She was pretty small when I got her and she seems to be fully grown. I love the nose on her - which I personally think may be used to differentiate sex with this species since males look the same except their "noses" are much spinier.

She was a lot smaller when I got her to you in December (just under 5 months ago). Unfortunately, well, no, fortunately, I think she is a he! Males are less common according to my sources in Tanzania and luckily, mine is a female and not currently in a relationship. Here is a pic of my female:



As you can see, the rostral process is much smoother which indicates a female. What do you think, roo?

I think your absolutely right Chris. I was going by the ezine article pics in which the male there had a much spinier looking rostral appendage. But after looking at yours, mine is looking like a male and maybe the nose has some more growing to do.

Cool pics roo, that's a really cool wierd looking chameleon. I agree it looks like a sea horse lol. Very cool.
I agree. Yours is also just spinier in general which is also an indication of a male. Just another benefit of living 5 mins from you! Glad I sent *him* to you!

That is really cool--

I bet you could get some sweet camouflage pictures with that guy.

does he change colors between shades of brown?

I really think those are one of the neatest looking chameleon species-

Are they hard to care for? I really want to get one someday when I've got more experience,( my Veileds are work enough for now) and after I get some dart frogs ( they should eat some of the same foods)

anyway- thanks for sharing. I always like to see pics of the less common species.
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