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-Hates orange and black
-Loves works
-Hates the new cricket up i spent a hour on
-Tries to eat my phone when i let her hangout on my arm


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-Tries to eat my fingers if I move them around too much *yum*
-hates hornworms
-loves dubia roaches more than she loves me
-tries to get into the roach bin cuz she loves them
-doesn't like being out of her cage too much
-hates the mister because it startles her sometimes


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-sometimes i leave his cage door open with the cricket box right in front of it so he can crawl down and watch them. When we're down to 5 or 6 i open it and let him go crazy from the top..He really seems to enjoy it lol
-is spooked by my black nails
-doesn't seem to mind my pit/boxer mix sniffing him
-loves getting misted AFTER noon. Before that, not so much
-seems to like my voice.. He will usually go back to his light green color when i talk to him if he was dark for some reason. Not always, but often enough :)
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